Vendor Guidelines

Augur Marketing, LLC is highly selective in vendor recruitment.

You must have an excellent portfolio of work to showcase. If you are inexperienced or do not have a great portfolio then we are not interested in hiring you. You need to know about >. You must be able to demonstrate excellent work.

All vendors must provide turnkey solutions meaning that once you have been hired you must perform all of the duties without pushing back on or being demanding of Augur staff. For instance, if you provide content or SEO services your staff must write all of the content and create software and online accounts. We are paying you to perform the work. Otherwise, we will simply do it ourselves.

Your company must meet every deadline. Once you have agreed to a deadline you have to meet it, no exceptions.

All work performed has to be of the highest quality and ready to publish. You will spell check, grammar check, and logic check (numbers add up and a simple test , do the sums seems reasonable?) everything before you turn it in for review.

Provide Services in Which Area(s)*

Everything that is turned in for review (one review only just prior to hand off to for final publication) has to be extremely well formatted and look professional. Blog and HQ articles must have at least one high-resolution photo.

All payments for work will be by electronic invoicing from either PayPal or Square. No exceptions.

All video conferencing will utilize We do not use Skype. Appear.n is a free, browser-based video-conferencing tool with no software download required.

All content must be written by native English speakers for the North American audience and native Spanish speakers where applicable.

If you meet the criterion above fill out the contact form and include links to your portfolio of work. If we have a need for your services a staff member will contact you.

*We do not need IT service partners.