Today’s Website Design Trend

From the advent of AR, AI and many other technologies to the sweeping reign of smartphones, the World Wide Web has witnessed unprecedented growth and revolutionary changes over the past several years. Along with these exciting technological advancements, trends in website design have also gone through some significant changes.

Lately, web designs have entered the realm of rampant creativity. As a result, say goodbye to asymmetrical layouts, lurid color schemes, and the utilization of stock photos to get vibrant illustrations and grids. This post has gathered the hottest web design trends that are currently commanding the Internet.

Organic and Natural Shapes

Even though websites are conventionally set up and designed for symmetric grids, Washington website designing works more towards smooth lines and natural shapes. Diverse geometric structures like triangles, rectangles, and squares along with their sharp corners provide web pages some constancy. However, the latest trends are overwhelmingly focused on elements like comfort and accessibility.

Since organic shapes have the inherent properties of asymmetry and imperfection, they offer web designs a subtle depth that helps various elements of the page stand out. Organic shapes are based on nature, such as the curvy outlines of hills and trees, but elements that are free-drawn catch the spontaneity created by human-induced accidents like paint splatter. Here the key objective of such website designs is to create a human connection between the site and its visitors.

Micro Interactions

These are events whose sole purpose is to surprise their audience in a pleasant, inviting manner. Every time you receive a particular response to actions you perform on an app or website is regarded as a micro-interaction. Whenever you sign in to Skype or refresh your Twitter timeline, you hear a sound: these are some examples of micro-interactions.

Nearly every top website design company and web expert has heavily added these interactive features to their web pages including chimes, scrolling animations, hover and so forth. Micro-interactions are amazing in that visitors get engaged on the website and transmit information on what task they are performing, in an adroit, ingenious manner. This feature also gives web pages a smarter and animated feel.


This is probably the classiest and most timeless website design trend. These days, minimalism is considered as one of the web design strategies that can never go wrong. The fewer the content and elements on the web page, the easier it is for your audience to grasp what is actually going on. When a website is appropriately designed, it exhibits to the visitors exactly what they are searching for. It is highly likely that minimalism, a website design trend, will prevail in the digital arena. You can expect to see clearer typography, contrast, and whitespace without a lot of distracting excessive elements.

The Ultimate Combo of Blacks and Whites

When it comes to web design, color is beyond any doubt one of the key elements. It develops a specific mood and helps with unified branding. Nowadays, nearly every website design company will recommend the sophisticated combination of blacks and whites. Black is the color that signifies assertiveness and strength, while white is seen as reserved and clean; the two colors look striking together.